Pakistan Historical & Natural Heritage

Conference On Pakistan Historical & Natural Heritage

In-conjunction with 15th Build Asia international exhibition

December 14, 2019 , Timings 2:30PM - 5:00PM - Conference Area Hall 6

Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan

Facilities at historical and natural heritage sites are still inadequate and underdeveloped. Although demands for tourist facilities are rapidly increasing at historical sites like Mohenjo-Daro and Sehwan; and natural sites like Chotiari and Gorakh hill station, investment planning for such sites is nowhere near meeting the demands for the next 10 years. There are presently 19 RAMSAR sites, 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Pakistan. Besides these there are numerous natural resorts and cultural complexes like Sufi shrines, mela grounds, etc. across Pakistan that are visited by the people in large numbers. Environmental and cultural degradation are resulting from commercial exploitation of the sites, especially where planned projects are not undertaken and the informal sector is given the freedom to take investment initiatives. This not only lead to land grabbing, burdening of infrastructure and the fragile environment, waste and pollution and exploitation of labor and natural resources; but also losing the opportunity to contribute to economic and cultural development.

Through undergraduate studies and faculty research, Architecture and Environmental Design (AED) department has launched a Smart Designing program to create awareness of and to engage and bring together expertise, investors, regulators and other concerned stakeholders for launching a movement for integrated and interdisciplinary building and urban design (II-BUD). The focus of the II-BUD is to retrofit existing buildings and their systems and explore system integration in new building complex designs. The applied research program brings together Architecture and Civil Engineering with Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering and Building Services like plumbing, wiring, decorative and functional fixtures and appliances. The program has started with looking at opportunities to integrate Electronics, Electrical and Architecture for creating safety and security in buildings. In the next stage this is to be connected with Telecommunication and Mechanical to bring connectivity among the systems and circulation pattern.

BUILD ASIA FORUM 2019 is a step in creating awareness and bringing together stakeholders to discuss and plan out a conservation program for Chotiari and the indigenous people. The program would include a documentary film on the area, a photographic exhibition and presentation of Architectural designs. Alongside the Chotiari case, the discussion would look at other places in Pakistan including Gorakh Hill development planning, and new natural sites opening up in Baluchistan and Northern Areas. A case of Swat would also be presented to open discussion on relating youth and eco tourism.

Who Should Attend?

  • Tourism
  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Heritage & Conservation
  • Archaeology
  • NGOs
  • Roads & Infrastructure


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