light Gauge Steel Framing Technology & International Match Making

Conference On light Gauge Steel Framing Technology & International Match Making

In-conjunction with 15th Build Asia international exhibition

December 16, 2019 , Timings 8:30AM - 5:00PM - Conference Area Hall 6

Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan

Build Asia 2019 is show casing construction products and Technologies used in Building industry ranging from constructions materials, water, Energy efficient solutions and smart devises.This will bring diverse range of manufacturers, vendors and users making it an ideal platform for interaction.

The conference is a collective effort of Build Asia and Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology as Knowledge partner along with its strategic partners, Pakistan Institute of Management (Govt. of Pakistan), Mare Nostrum Norway, Canada Pakistan Business Council, Coalesce USA, Brunei Darussalam and VPO.

Build Asia 2019 is offering opportunities to enter into new growing markets. The Match making concept is based on UNIDO model on collaboration and fundamental understanding of market technologies and capabilities which are best suited to leave the markets with appropriate and alternative solutions of technology transfer and training.

The session is being held focusing on Light Steel Framing (LSF) Technologies, where International and Local speakers will highlight advantages and will discuss steps needed to implement in Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) approved Building Code by the regulatory bodies across Pakistan, due to its fast pace, green in nature, less wastage and cost effective for customers.

International Match-Making session is specially designed to facilitate participants in a WIN-WIN-WIN Methodology to accomplish through tripartite arrangement between the Technology owners (Norwegian, Canadians, USA and Brunei Darussalam companies) and Pakistan Technology Seekers to facilitate through Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan Institute of Management, Mare Nostrum Norway, CPBC, Coalesce and North Star and are open for JV proposals where Markets will have easier access to affordable and applicable solutions and Educational institutions will have access to collaborative arrangements.

Who Should Attend?

  • Businessman
  • Industrialist
  • Industrial Associations
  • Industry professionals
  • Academic professionals
  • Students
  • Young entrepreneur
  • Technology companies in the fields of Energy, Water Management, Environment and persons interested in learning about innovative technologies
  • Technology professionals with a thirst for learning the latest global trends in 4IR


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